The dormitory of the Ayta Student in Villa Maria Resettlement, Porac, Pampanga Philippines was finally inaugurated last October 24, 2020. The building was blessed by the Pampanga Archbishop Dong Lavares together with Rev. Fr. Regnel (Among Ching) Fuertez, the Director Mountain Tribes Development Foundation.

Last July 2019, Rev . Father Mares Estrella, chaplain of the Filipino Catholic Community, initiated a 'Bingo For a Cause' to help the Ayta community rebuild their dormitory which was struck by a 6.1 magtitude earthquake last April 2019. The fund raising event which was hosted  by the Frankfurter Seniours, Suburds and Friends generated almost 2,000 EUR, rounded and converted to Philippine Peso (100,000) and sent to the Philippines thru the Archdiocese of Pampanga. Read Indegenious People of Porac.


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Here is a post from Among Ching


Tnx be to God. Blessing of ayta dormitory at villa maria

Posted by Among Ching Fuertez on Saturday, October 24, 2020

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