The Philippine Catholic community Frankfurt gets a new pastor. On November 30th, Father Benedicto Urbano Pola OC retires after nearly seven years in the Diocese of Limburg and returns to his home diocese of Alaminos in the Philippines. His successor, Father Mario Salida Estrella OC, is commissioned with the leadership of this native-speaking community on 1 December. 

In a solemn service on Christmas Sunday, November 26, Father Benedicto Urbano Pola, called Father Beni, was baptized in St. Ignatius in the Westend of Frankfurt. At the same time, Heribert Schmitt, in the Diocese of Likmburg in charge of the parishes of Catholics of other mother tongues, Father Benis successor, led the 52-year-old Father Mario, called Father Mares, into his office. Believers from all the worship places of the Philippine congregation in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Limburg, Wetzlar and Bad Homburg had come to the service. Father Mares has been attending a German language course from May to October, so he has grown in his job both in the Philippine community and in contact with Frankfurters.  

Both Father Benedicto and Father Mares belong to the diocesan community of the Opifices Christi (OC). Their commitment is also an expression of the partnership between the dioceses of Alaminos and Limburg. (Pm / dw)

This article was originally published in the diocese Limburg .

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