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The FCC Diocesan Council of the Catholic Communities belonging to the Diocese of Limburg met for the second time outside Frankfurt, the center of the community gatherings, on 2 June 2018 at St. Marien Church, Dorotheenstraße, Bad Homburg.

The Chaplain, Fr. Mares Estella, OC,  proposed this set up so that the other members of the council may also visit the places of the Filipino communities in the Diocese. Besides, this is to enhance more the belongingness of the different communities to the Diocese. This is also to decentralize the decision making which in the past was highly influenced by the Frankfurt Council.

In the meeting, the members of the Council discussed about the upcoming events. The June Summer Gala was finalized where the different committees were created to make this event joyful and successful. The Big Barrio Fiesta as well is planned to make the event more meaningful and relevant to the lives of the Filipinos here in the Diocese. It was also on this occasion that the members of the Council evaluated the recently concluded Santacruzan 2018 and the Grand Barrio Fiesta 2017.  More concerns were tackled and the meeting was concluded with the celebration of the Holy Mass together with the Filipino Catholic Community of Bad Homburg. After the mass, there was an agape wherein sumptuous dinner was served by the parishioners.

The meeting was attended by the coordinators and representatives from Wiesbaden, Wetzlar, Bad Homburg, Limburg and Frankfurt communities. Kathy Rosete, the responsible of the FCC Bad Homburg welcomed everyone and Jonalyn Lozanes facilitated the meeting.


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