Msgr. Felipe Pangilinan knew of the plight of and lifestyle of the indigenous people of Porac, Zambales and parts of Tarlac since Martial Law era. Considered part of the less fortunate sectors of the society, the Ayta lived a simple life in the mountains until the wrath of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. They were driven down from the mountains and out in the plains and hustle and bustle of the city were they were pushed to.

 Dealing with the challenges of the city life, they prayed and waited for the government's promise of relocation, until Mnsgr. Pangilinan seized the opportunity to help and lessen their burden. The monsignor resettled the Ayta community to them then called Alalangad.

The first year in the new settlement, Aytas struggled to continue with their normal lives because of the eruption. They had no lands to till and no schools for their education. Slowly but surely, their hardship was given priorities by the Archdiocese of Pampanga through the initiative of Fr. Pangilinan. They were give parcels of land to till and cultivate and roads leading to the town of Porac were constructed. An elementary school was also brought up to provide for the basic education of their children.

Now, Villa Maria Resettlement was turned over to the guidance and leadership of Rev. Fr. Regnel C. Fuertez. Seventy Five (75) school children are now under the care and supervision of the Mountain Tribes Development Foundation as scholars where they are given food allowances and whatever they need in school until an unfortunate calamity struck the town of Porac. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake completely destroyed the shelter where the children were staying.




In cooperation with the Villa Maria Ayta Community of the Archdiocese of Pampanga , the Filipino Catholic Community in Frankfurt is organising a 'Bingo For A Cause'. The event will be held in Ostpark, Frankfurt on July 13, 2019 Saturday starting 13:00. The fund raising is hosted by the Frankfurter Seniours, Suburds and Friends. For more information check the FCC Event Calendar.






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