Here is the new regulations at St. Ignatius Church in coordination with the Parish Priest Father Bernd Günther, SJ starting this effecting this Sunday 27th of June 2021. 


The maximum number of mass Attendees increases to 116 person in the following areas inside the church.

  • 90 persons in the main Pews/Benches (4-6 people in one Bench)
  • 10 persons at the altar (priests and altar servers)
  • 10 Persons at the Tabernacle side (choir area)
  • 6 Persons at the pieta altar side (livestreaming area)
  • Children up to and including 14 years of age do not count.

Hygiene Regulations: 

  • A list of participants with name, address and telephone number is to be kept by the person responsible.
  • Mouth-nose protection (medical mask or virus-filtering masks of the FFP2, KN95 or | 95 standards) must be worn permanently all throughout the mass.
  • Those who are directly involved in the liturgy, such as the celebrant, the commentator, the lector, the cantor (psalmist), are exempt from the obligation to wear a face mask during the direct performance of their duties.
  • Congregational singing inside churches is not yet allowed.

Please be guided accordingly. For seat reservation, contact Jonalyn Lozanes.






The Filipino Catholic Communities in the Diocese of Limburg has successfully organized a fund raising project for the typhoon and flood victims in the Achdiocese of Tuguegarao in the Province of Cagayan.

From now on, surgical masks or virus-filtering masks of the FFP2, KN95 or N95 standards must be worn as mouth-nose protection in the church services. The only exceptions to the requirement to wear the masks are children under the age of 6 and people who cannot wear mouth-nose protection due to health conditions.

In their Facebook page dated 8th of December 2020, the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurr posted an important announcement regarding the appointment system during this pandemic. For more information please visit their website at

The dormitory of the Ayta Student in Villa Maria Resettlement, Porac, Pampanga Philippines was finally inaugurated last October 24, 2020. The building was blessed by the Pampanga Archbishop Dong Lavares together with Rev. Fr. Regnel (Among Ching) Fuertez, the Director Mountain Tribes Development Foundation.

In a pastoral letter anticipating the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan has asked that the faithful not clap in church, either during or after Mass.

Msgr. Felipe Pangilinan knew of the plight of and lifestyle of the indigenous people of Porac, Zambales and parts of Tarlac since Martial Law era. Considered part of the less fortunate sectors of the society, the Ayta lived a simple life in the mountains until the wrath of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. They were driven down from the mountains and out in the plains and hustle and bustle of the city were they were pushed to.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, do we not all aspire for the grace to be called “sons and daughters of God?” If we do so, then we must constantly strive to be peacemakers in these troubled times in our country. And that means to always strive to bring love where there is hatred, pardon where there is injury, faith where there is doubt, hope where there’s despair, light where there is darkness, and joy where there is sadness (from the prayer for peace attributed to St. Francis of Assisi).

FRANKFURT - Zu einem großen Freiluftgottesdienst auf dem Römerberg laden die katholischen Gemeinden der Innenstadt am Fest Fronleichnam, Donnerstag, 31. Mai, um 10 Uhr ein. Die Feier steht unter dem Motto "Ein wahres und gutes und schönes Fest - Fronleichnam". An Fronleichnam erinnert die katholische Kirche an die Einsetzung des Altarsakramentes, den Leib Christi, der den Gläubigen in der Kommunion gereicht wird.

A young Catholic priest was gunned down on Sunday morning after saying Mass in Gattaran town, Cagayan province, police said.

The Vatican confirmed Monday that a delegation of six German bishops and one priest will meet with Vatican officials, including the head of the CDF, later this week to discuss the issue of the reception of the Eucharist by non-Catholic spouses of Catholics.

Hundreds of representatives from religious and lay sectors attended a Solidarity Mass for Sr. Patricia Fox, NDS on April 27 organized by the Association of the Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP). Fr. Cielito Almazan, OFM, the AMRSP chair, presided over the Eucharistic celebration, together with concelebrant priests on Friday, 3:00 p.m. at the St. Anthony Shrine in Sampaloc, Manila.

Mass Schedules

marker.pngSt Ignatius Church Sundays 14:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Marien Church 1ˢᵗ Saturday 17:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Andreas Church 2ᶮᵈ Saturday 16:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Vincenz Church 3ʳᵈ Saturday 15:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Michael Kapelle 4ᵗʰ Sunday 15:00 Uhr  

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