Today we celebrated the Feast of All Saints and this is the last mass of our beloved Rev. Father Mares celebrated as the FCC Chaplain.

Frankfurt, 30 April 2020 -- It looks like the praying of the Rosary on Facebook Live will continue with the announced extension of the quarantine rules. With this development, more and more families volunteer and are assigned to lead the Rosary from Monday to Saturday at 18:00 CET and Sundays at 13:20 CET. The 'virtual' Rosary was started in a pragmatic approach in sharing it to the community by joining using the Facebook Messenger, Skype and now it was finally settled to use the Zoom Meeting and broadcasted Live on Facebook.

Rome, 25 April 2020 -  Pope Francis wrote a letter encouraging Catholics to seek the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary against the corona virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by praying the Holy Rosary throughout the month of May 2020 . Here is the prayer as published in the Vatican website. Download a printable copy here. 


My Jesus,  I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love You above all things,  and I desire to receive You into my soul.  Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.

Forty fresh, practical Lenten Ideas to make Lent a Season of spiritual progress and personal breakthrough!  New ideas for a new experience of this season of transformation! Lent is supposed to be a season of a successful journey through the desert of penance to a new land and a new, deeper, intimacy with God. But often, we find ourselves going back to the same old Lenten pathways of past years and end up getting nowhere. My aim here is to put into your hands some fresh Lenten ideas to help you approach the season in a new way so Lent can become for you the experience of lasting change that it is intended to be.

God, our Father, Father of all people in this world. Many miles are between us.

Almighty ever-living God, the most Merciful and Compassionate, we thank You for Creation and the Dialogue and Indigenous Peoples life You have given us.

What Is the Purpose of the Palms?

The Directory on Popular Piety and Liturgy beautifully describes the significance of the palms: