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The Limburg Filipino Catholic Community is under the jurisdiction of the Bistum Limburg. The members of the community are Filipinos not only from Limburg but also from the neighboring places as far as Rheinland Pfalz and Westerwald. 

This community started wayback in the last quarter of 2001 which was established by Rev. Fr. Fernando Santos, SVD, the visiting chaplain at that time. In the beginning, we have our masses celebrated in private houses,  until finally, Fr. Santos, found a place in the (unterkirche) underground Chapel of St. Marien Pallotiner in Limburg.

On the year 2007 until March 2011, Fr. Robert Butele became our visiting chaplain. Mr. Werner Herkäufer, the former Referent anderen Muttersprachlichen Gemeinde introduced him to the community until finally, Fr. Benedicto Pola, Jr. OC, became the Filipino Chaplain and held his first mass with the community on April 16, 2011. On the same year, through the help of Mr. Peter Eisner, the community were accepted in St. Vincenz Palloti Church in Blumenrod where they hold their Masses and different activities as a Filipino community.

Through the years, the community survived because of the generous donors and fund raising activities of the active members of the community.

Niza Weihs and Laila Quirmbach​

Name of the Church: St. Vincenz Church
  Bodelschwinghstrasse 14, 65549 Limburg-Blumenrod
Mass Schedule: 3rd Saturday of the Month
  Time: 15:00
Establishment: March 2000
Establish by: Rev. Fr. Fernando Santos, SVD
Present Leaders Niza Weihs - Coordinator
  Gless Ringeisen - Representative
Ministry Leaders Niza Weihs - Worship Ministry
  Niza Weihs and Laila Quirmbach - Lectors and Commentators
  Elizabeth Becker - Choir
  Gless Ringeisen - Usherette
  Maria Anhalt - Prayer Warriors
  Elsa Tullney - Temporal Ministry / Bookeeper
  Social Action Ministry - Candice Raschke


Community Activities

Choir Practice & Meeting Before the Mass
Holy Rosary Before the Mass
Word of Life After the Mass or before the Agape
Sinulog Festival January / Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt 
Community Anniversary March
Station of the Cross ??
Santakrusan / Mayflower Festival Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt 
Home Bible Sharing and Prayer Meeting ??
Pilgrimage Participates in the Diocesan Pilgrimage
Kreuzfest Celebration Joins @ DOM in Limburg
Block Rosary October / Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt
Community Christmas Party December & Joins the Diocesan Celebration of Gala Night 
9 Days and 40 Days Novena for the Dead As Requested
Fund Raising  2015 Community Guest Giver (SPOT). Concert of the Singing Priest of Tagbiliran, Bohol for Rebuilding the damaged Churches in Bohol
Workshops Marienschule (Weltgebetstag-Filipino Frauen) in Limburg
  Weltkirche Workshop and Spende (PREDA) for Fr. Shay Cullen together with Winfred Montz in St. Hildegard Church.
Sponsorship One Year Airtime for the New Evangelization in Burgos, Pangasinan






Bad Homburg

Mass Schedules

marker.pngSt Ignatius Church Sundays 14:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Marien Church 1ˢᵗ Saturday 17:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Andreas Church 2ᶮᵈ Saturday 16:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Vincenz Church 3ʳᵈ Saturday 15:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Michael Kapelle 4ᵗʰ Sunday 15:00 Uhr  

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