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The Wiesbaden Filipino Catholic Community is under the jurisdiction of the Bistum Limburg. The members of the community are Filipinos not only from Wiesbaden but also from the neighboring places as far as Rheinland until Rheingau. This community started way back in the last quarter of 2011 but with no identified particular activities. On the first quarter of 2012, Antonio Naluz was assigned to visit and get some overview of St. Andreas Church together with Heribert Schmitt, Peter Eisner and and Fr. Beni Pola, Jr. OC.

On March 12, 2012, Fr. Beni Pola celebrated the first mass together with the community of Frankfurt and some Filipinos from Wiesbaden. The 4 OSB Sisters from Kloster Jacobsberg Rheinland Pfals from Bistum Mainz also attended the celebration of the Eucharist.

From then on through the Facebook and other means of communications, the attendees for the once a month celebration of the Eucharist increased. Due to the public demand of those who are working, the schedule of the Mass was changed to Second Saturday of the month at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. There were different committees and two ministries formed to be responsible for the different activities of the community.

The community survived its initial years of existence through the sponsorship of individual generous donors and through the fund raising activities by the members of the community.

Name of the Church: St Andreas Church
  Assmannshäuser Straße 10-11 65197 Wiesbaden
Mass Schedule: 2nd Saturday of the Month
  Time: 16:00
Establishment: 12 March 2012
Establish by: Rev Father Beni Pola
  Antonio Naluz
Present Leaders Antonio Naluz - Coordinator
  Delia L. Daher - Representative
  Gemma Heißer - Alternate Representtive
Ministry Leaders Delia L. Daher - Worship Ministry
  Vilma Naluz - Lectors and Commentators
  Felix Dondoyano & Leonora Collado - Choir
  Gemma Heißer &  Eufrecina Anog - Usherettes 
  Sonya Rasch and Wilvin Sinco - Prayer Warriors
  Edna Eichert - Temporal Ministry / Treasurer
  Evangelina Calaunan and Vilma Naluz - Kitchen In-Charge


Community Activities 

Choir Practice & Meeting 1st Saturday, 15:00 Uhr
Holy Rosary Before the Mass
Word of Life Prayer Meeting After the Mass, before the Agape
Sinulog Festival January / Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt 
Community Anniversary 2nd Saturday of March
Station of the Cross March/April @ St Andreas Church
Santakrusan / Mayflower Festival Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt 
Barrio Fiesta 2nd Sunday of June
Celebrate the Feast of Rosa Mystica / Word of Life 13th July 
Pilgrimage Participates in the Diocesan Pilgrimage
Tag der Offene Tur September with with the German and Italian Communities @ St. Andreas Church
Block Rosary October / Joins the Diocesan Celebration in Frankfurt
Community Christmas Party December & Joins the Diocesan Celebration of Gala Night 






Bad Homburg

Mass Schedules

marker.pngSt Ignatius Church Sundays 14:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Marien Church 1ˢᵗ Saturday 17:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Andreas Church 2ᶮᵈ Saturday 16:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Vincenz Church 3ʳᵈ Saturday 15:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Michael Kapelle 4ᵗʰ Sunday 15:00 Uhr  

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