Beloved Friends in the Filipino Communities of the Diocese of Limburg,

It is with great joy and gratitude that I begin my task as your new chaplain and priest in the community. I am not new in your midst. I have been in the community for almost two years now while doing my Licentiate in Pastoral Theology here in Frankfurt. With my exposure in the community, I have learned a lot about the pastoral work for the Filipino Migrants in the area of the Diocese of Limburg. Migration presents the church with a variety of challenges. But it is also an opportunity and a source of hope for the future of the Church. It is interesting that the Church in the Philippines will celebrate next year (2021) the 500th anniversary of the evangelization of the Philippines by the Spanish missionaries from Europe. The Philippines was once a land of Christian mission. Today, it has become a land of missionaries not only through the missionary works of various religious congregations but also through the Filipino migrants everywhere.

The pastoral care of Filipino migrants in the framework of the solidarity partnership between the Diocese of Limburg in Germany and the Diocese of Alaminos in the Philippines is a concrete example of migrant ministry in the Church. It focuses on the task of serving the pastoral and spiritual needs of Filipino migrants living and working in the area of the Diocese of Limburg. This ministry requires a specific pastoral care that is different from the normal pastoral care with stable structures such as a typical catholic parish. I believe that the art of accompaniment based on the pastoral impulse of Pope Francis is a key component of the pastoral service for migrants. The practice of accompaniment is based on the understanding that the life of faith is ultimately a process and not a single moment of conversion. It begins with the invitation to walk together along the same path to discover the beauty of life in Christ, our Lord. It is a constant reminder that life is a journey towards the ultimate realization of our deepest desires for ultimate fulfillment and joy, which can only happen if we let the Lord be our constant companion on our journey. It is my hope that we become friends and companions of Christ who strive to love one another in speech and action.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,


Rev. Fr. Francis Ofrancia 
Present Chaplain





I would like to welcome everyone on this website of the Filipino Catholic Community of the Diocese of Limburg. This website is heartily conceptualized to share to all our brothers and sisters near and far what and how we are in this part of the world. Although we are far from our native land, we see to it that as a Filipino, we continue to observe our cultural heritage and traditional values through the church activities we have in the different churches under the Diocese of Limburg, However, the center always of our big gatherings and fiestas is at St. Ignatius Church in Frankfurt am Main.

This is where we come and celebrate together our togetherness and solidarity with our fellowmen in our beloved country, the Philippines through praises and worship in the Holy Eucharist, joyful celebration of fiestas, socialization and fellowship. As we strive to be one family, we are also sometimes cater to the needs of our fellow Filipinos who have just arrived here in Germany in the best possible we can. Just come to us and tell us how we could help you.

I hope that in our desire to be known to as many Filipinos as possible, we may be able to share something to you so that we can grow together as Christians and grow more in our love for our cultural values and traditional practices as a Filipino.

At the same time, since we are fully supported and encouraged by the Diocese of Limburg and at the same time, we are in Germany, we would like also to continuously learn and adapt the culture, language and values of the host country as they are helpful in our growth as human being. Our stay here in Germany give us the chance to realize that indeed we need cultural exposure to other countries so that we can value our worth as citizens of this global world.

So, my brothers and sisters, I wish you more success and joys as we come together through this simple information that we can give you on this website.

Welcome and Mabuhay!

Rev. Fr. Mares S. Estrella, OC
Former  Chaplain, 2017-2020



The journey of the Church is always a story of building. From the early disciples of Christ, the church strove to grow in numbers and earnestly tried to deepen their faith in Christ. All in the earnest belief that they will be in communion with others and with our Lord. The same is true with the Filipino Catholic Community in the Diocese of Limburg. Starting from charismatic prayer group in the 90’s, it flourished into a large community. This website and the year book is not a story about my stint as the parish priest of the community but rather it is the story of the Filipino community. It was a journey of their struggles and achievements to become a strong catholic community in Germany.

It is fitting that we honor all our community members who tirelessly work to build this church in a yearbook that features their History, Vision Mission Values, Festivities, Services, etc. As I end my term as your Parish Priest, let me take this opportunity to thank all the Parish Officers, Lay Minister, community volunteers, and the community itself.

“Maraming Marami Salamat sa inyong lahat”. It was a privilege and great joy to serve as your Parish Priest. I have learned a lot from you and as such my faith in Christ has deepened through the years. Rest assured that my experience with you will always be in my heart and will be an inspiration to build more communities for Christ.


Rev. Fr. Arnold Benedict U. Pola, Jr., OC.
Former Chaplain, 2010-2017


Mass Schedules

marker.pngSt Ignatius Church Sundays 14:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Marien Church 1ˢᵗ Saturday 17:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Andreas Church 2ᶮᵈ Saturday 16:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Vincenz Church 3ʳᵈ Saturday 15:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Michael Kapelle 4ᵗʰ Sunday 15:00 Uhr  

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