Christmas for Filipinos especially for those living and working abroad will not be complete without the tradition of Simbang Gabi being celebrated from December 16-24.

Despite the new Corona Lock down regulations in Germany, Filipinos in the Diocese of Limburg can still celebrate the Simbang Gabi which is a 9-day novena mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a spiritual preparation for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Germany´s state primiers have agreed on new tougher lockdown measures for Christmas which will extend to January 10.

However, under the regulation, religious services in churches may still take place provided that hygiene and social distancing rules are strictly observed. With the contact restrictions, this year´s Simbang Gabi was held in Sankt Ignatius without the usual festive mode that includes singing advent and Christmas songs, offering of gifts , and the usual agape after the mass. The first day of Simbang Gabi on December 16 was also attended by the the staff and personnel of the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt.

The number of church-goers allowed to participate in the mass depends on the capacity of the Church. Some churches are big enough to accomodate more. In Sankt Ignatius, where the Filipinos celebrate the mass every Sunday, only a maximum of 60 people are allowed. It is for this reason that the mass is also made available via livestreaming. Father Francis Ofrancia, the new chaplain of the community, emphasized in his homily that amidst the so many struggles, fears, and hardships that we are experiencing now, somehow, the thought of having Christmas helps us feel a little lighter and hopeful.

Simbang Gabi is the time where our faith and hope are intensified. 

Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt





Bad Homburg

Mass Schedules

marker.pngSt Ignatius Church Sundays 14:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Marien Church 1ˢᵗ Saturday 17:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt Andreas Church 2ᶮᵈ Saturday 16:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Vincenz Church 3ʳᵈ Saturday 15:00 Uhr  
marker.pngSt. Michael Kapelle 4ᵗʰ Sunday 15:00 Uhr  

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