Holding colorful parasols festooned with roses and other flowers made of fabric and plastic on one hand and a crucifix or a religious artifact on another, participants of the  Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo held a procession at the Frankfurt West End area on May 26, Sunday. The celebration by the Filipino Catholic Community in Frankfurt of a traditional Philippine festival held in the month of May was attended by more people this year compared with last year.

In the Philippines, Santacruzan is held on the last day of the Flores de Mayo, which normally lasts for the whole month of May as a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.At the Frankfurt procession, the group, mostly women in their long white and pastel colored long gowns, walked along the stretch of about 1.5 kilometers that started from the St. Ignatius Church on Gärtnerweg. It wound its way through Reuterweg, Grünerburgweg and Eschersheimer Landstrasse, before turning on to the other end of Gärtnerweg.

Singing religious songs in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the participants bore the heat of the early afternoon sun as they negotiated the route, along which curious bystanders stood and took pictures.


Returning to the St. Ignatius Church, a program emceed by Kathy Rosete from Bad Homburg and Christopher Fabian from Wiesbaden was held. The Grundau community, a group of women in their red and white costumes  wowed the audience with their folk dancing. The 16 "Hermana Mayors" went to the altar-stage one by one to be thanked for their generosity in sponsoring the event.  They sat there in a row while the “Reynas” - young women representing the title of Mary as contained in the “Litany of the Virgin Mary”, such as the Queen of Peace, or the Queen of Justice” - also walked the aisle and took their seats on the pews.

At the end of the program, Tony Lozanes, Ivy Marasigan, Beth Keller, Lito Del Rosario  belted out a few Tagalog songs that climaxed with their joint rendition of Ryan Cayabyab’s “Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika”.


 Photos credit to Jaime Golyugo, Allan Mallari and Hardy Fajardo

Thanksgiving to all who made our Flores De Mayo/Santacruzan successful:

FCC Wiesbaden – for the after-care of the Church and its surroundings after the event;  FCC Bad Homburg – before, during and for after care of the toilet; FCC Wetzlar – preparation of food plates, spoon, fork and servietten;  FCC Limburg – distribution of food; FCC Frankfurt being the host:

  • Jonalyn Lozanes – program and order of the parade, sashes‘ preparation
  • Tony Lozanes and Choir Members – Music and Entertainment
  • Alice dela Cruz – Liturgical preparation
  • Norma Roman and MBG – Altar and Sanctuary preparation
  • Beth Keller, Junjun Agoncillo, Larry Silva, Allan Mallari, Rolly Sarmienta – Cook and Marketing
  • Lito Del Rosario and Tony Lozanes – Sounds and Technical preparation
  • Mike Marasigan, Lito Agoncillo, El Shaddai Group – Before and after care of Halle
  • Mayette Esconde, Virgie Mallare, Susan Fajardo, Maila Agoncillo, Nona Silva - Stage/ Background Decoration in the Church and after care
  • Bernadette, Stephan and Family – Images of  he BVM and decorations
  • Connie dela Rosa – decoration of the images
  • All our messdiener
  • Dante dela Cruz, Lito Agoncillo, El Shaddai Boys – Street and Security Marshalls
  • Flags and Parking – Virgilio Roman and group
  • Sonia Kiel, Baby Ranon, Romella Herber – preparation of Coffee and Bread corner
  • Receptionists – Divine Mercy and Word of Life Affiliates
  • Romella Herber and Baby Ranon – VIP Receptionists and Bouque preparation
  • Kathy Rosete and Christoper Fabian – Emcees
  • Hardy Fajardo – Website Information Drive
  • Marlyn Gerlach – Feature Contributor for the Website
  • All Sagalas, Angels and their parents
  • All our Hermanas: Nene Sarmiento, Berna Krall, Estrella Schummer, Banny Otar, Beth Guinyawan, Bea Daiz, Virgie Bollman, Nitz Lorenzo, Josie Manalo, Mel Villanueva Cecilia Lopez, Maureen Weisenburger, Jeanna Niedenführ, Cecille Sarmiento, Rose Arconada, and Anita Dick.





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