The Filipino Catholic Community in the Diocese of Limburg celebrated their yearly 'Flores De Mayo' last 19th of May coinciding with the German holiday of 'Pfingsmontag' or Wit Monday. The festival is name derived  from the Spanish language which means 'Flowers of May' which sometimes called 'Flowers of Mary' because of the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The entire month of May, the faithful Filipino Catholics pay honor to the virgin by offering flowers before or after the mass is said or after praying the Rosary. For a certain time of the month or last day of the Flores De Mayo, the Santacrusan is held to commemorate the finding of the cross of Christ by Helena of Constantinople.

The event which is reenacted thru a procession of the ladies representing biblical figures of women and some traditional personifications of women in the Philippine history of Christendom.

Father Mares Estrella, in his homily during the concelebrated mass, explained the differences of Flores De Mayo and Santacrusan. He described why women are prominent in the procession dressed in gowns in majesty along with the images of Virgin Mary.

The procession which is almost a kilometer long immediately kicked-off right after the mass with the assistance of the Frankfurt traffic police all throughout the parade route from Gartnerweg street, right to the Reuterweg, Gruneburgerweg, Im Trutz-Frankfurt and back to St Ignatius Church.  

After the procession, the rest of the program activities took place inside the church - the traditional and ceremonial coronation of the Reyna Elena, a presentation from the Youth Ministry, awarding and acknowledgement of the Hermana Mayors and the organizers.

It was a successful celebration indeed.

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