Hundreds of our kababayans attended the 10th Anniversarry of the Filipino Marian Pilgrimage held at Kloster Stiepel, a monastery in the district of Stiepel, Bochum this 19th of May 2018. Here is the excerpts from Rev. Father Gabriel Chumacera, OCist as he described the pilgrimage in his message in the section of the Souvernir magazine..



Philippinischen Marien-Wallfahrt is a tradition of Filipino gathering held once a year in Zizterzienserkloster-Stiepel. It is a faith-sharing experience for and Germans. It is also because the liturgical and prayers of the faithful are in German, in Filipino, and in other Philippine languages in the Philippines.

When I came here to this country on the 25th of April 2008, my transition from a diocesan priest to a monastic priest was not easy. Everything was totally new for me: the language, the climate, the environment, the lifestyle and culture. There were days when I was just hoping to meet a single kababayan (countryman) in one of my Masses. But God's answer was more than that.

Since the Monastery is a pilgrim for Marian devotees, I suddenly thought: "Why I dont gather Filipinos from different parts of Germany and let them be part of a Marian pilgrimage in Stiepel?" The responses of the Filipino pilgrims were overwhelmingl A number of people came from different places: Berlin, Frankfurt, NRW, Hessen (Kassel. Aufenau, Fulda) Ruhr Gebiet (Bochum, Bottrop, Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Herne, Hagen, Hamm, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Unna and Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis) and Hamburg

Eventually, this gathering became an annual event. Filipinos love to come back and join this solemn gathering because they find peace and happiness in this Marian Pilgrimage. Filipinoas come back not just because of the scenic place; they come back because, for them, the event reinvigorates their souls and bodies. No wonder, because the center of our pilgrimage is Jesus Christ, through Mary.

I want to share you some of the reflections of the Filipino community in Berlin.

The pilgrimage was wondefull. I was happy that in this pilgrimage there were lots of Sisters, see their smiling faces and have new acquaintances. This Marian gave me more faith, hope and love specially to our Lady. - (Sister Salud)

We Filipinos were united in one place and in faith our Lord through Mama Mary. (Nida Reichenbach)

It was a touching experience and a fruitful activity. I feel more that Mama Mary will not let us down." (Krsytel)

I got a problem and l don't know how to solve it. God is good. When we arrived at Stiepel heaviness inside me slowly become lighter and were gone after the Marian procession - (Anonymous)

We left Stiepel with renewed spirituality and treasured memories "(Sosy Ramos)

This once-a-year pilgrimage is a chance among Filipinos to gather from different parts of Germany. It is a faith sharing experience, not only among Filipinos but also with our German communities. Since a lot of Germans also attend the pilgrimage, we have the Mass readings in German and in Filipino.

And since the Philippines is a multilingual country, we also prepare the prayers of the faithful in various Philippine languages. The Germans love to attend as they say, it is good to see how lively and deep the faith of the Filipinos. That is definitely our goal- to share our faith with others

All who attend this pilgrimage believe that they go home never empty-handed. They believe they receive a lot of graces and blessings- may it be spiritual, physical, emotional, or material. Also, They  feel the assurance of the love of God, the forgiveness that brings happiness inside and out.  Also, I tell the pilgrims that our Marian Pilgrim Church property is affiliated to the Sta. Maria Majore in Rome. Therefore, they (attendees) receive indulgences.  [An indulgence is a remission before God the temporal punishment due to sin whose guild has already been forgiven which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed, gains under prescribed conditions, through the action of the Church (which as the minister redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasury of the satisfactions of Christ and the saints). An indulgence is partial or plenary, as it removes either part or all the temporal punishment due to sin. The faithful can gain indulgences for themselves or apply them to the dead. (KKK 1471)]

Father Adonis, who is one of the supporters of this Marian pilgrimage wrote a poem entitled "Pilgrimage of Love" and I quote: "My fellow pilgrims, we have started with purpose and vision. We have seen the fruits and blessing of this activity. Where are we heading to? God has a plan for us. We Filipinos are missionaries of Faith. We share this Faith with others with joy, full of enthusiasms and great hope for the future.

Here is another quote from Weihbishop Matthias König of the Diocese of Paderborn. "We Filipinos are the great hope for the declining faith of the European people because we can integrate well without losing our own identity as Catholics, as Filipinos with unique values and faith. May the Blessed Virgin lead us in our journey of sharing our Faith towards others. May she inspire us to live with more hope, more love, and more faith."

Cardinal Rosales said in one of his sermons about Mary: "Mary was empty - empty of greed, pride and sin. That is why she was filled by the Holy Spirit. We have to be empty to be filled with God's grace."

A simple beginning has begun. Now we are dreaming and heading to a more and bolder mission in our lives. Let us savor this moment! Enjoy this moment! This moment which will transform us as new children of God, filled with blessing and spiritual graces.

A grace-filled years of Filipino Marian Pilgrimage in Kloster-Stiepel!











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